UpSell - Offer Customized Discounts for Product Accessories and Cross Sell Products

How does the Upsell module work and why do you need it?
For example, the customer comes into your online store with the intention to buy men's pants in black.
He finds them, adds them to the cart and begins checkout process. At this point, the UpSell module will offer the men's belts,
shirts and shoes with nice discount offers, that fit these pants.
So, perhaps customer will buy a complete set instead of just pants.

UpSell Blocks
You can create as many offer blocks as you need and display them anywhere you want.
Set up an Upsell block with 4 product types and 7 possible hooks.
The UpSell module has 2 Block layout: List & Grid view.

UpSell Page
With this feature you can add UpSell page and show on additional offer page
to the customer before the checkout process.

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