UpSell - Offer Customized Discounts for Product Accessories and Cross Sell Products

With UpSell Module you can show customers additional products on any page and offer individual discounts on any product. You can even add an extra UpSell page in front of the cart page when customers begin the checkout process.

Upsell module is very easy to use and can be configured in a few clicks. But the benefit that it will give you when used properly will surely surprise you.  

So, how it works? 

Upsell Blocks 

Go to Module Configuration page => Upsell Blocks => Add

Here we have all the necessary settings for the upsell block. 


If this option is disabled, the upsell block will not be visible to customers. You can turn  On / Off any upsell block later. This is a handy feature to manage your ad campaigns. 


The title will be visible for customers - make sure it describes upsell blocks' target well. This will also help you find the certain upsell block you need from admin panel. 

Products type 

Here you need to choose which specific products you want to show in each of the upsell blocks.  

There are 4 options :

  • Custom Products – You'll need to add products you wish to display. 

  • Product Accessories 

  • Cross  sells 

  • Selected Products – You'll need to add products from product edit page. 

Products count 

This is optional feature. You can use it if you need a specific number of products to be displayed in the upsell block. 


Set where to display upsell block from 7 possible hooks :

  • Home

  • Left

  • Right

  • Footer

  • Footer Product

  • Shopping Cart

  • Custom

So, you can display them anywhere you want. 

Block layout 

The UpSell module has List & Grid view. Choose the option that best suits your site.

Offer Discount 

You can also offer a discount to your customers for the products in upsell block.  The discount can be offered either as a percentage or in a specific amount in any currency. Tax option is of course available.  

Upsell Page 

If you enable this feature you will add extra offer page to the customer before the checkout process. You will be able to change Page URL, choose Product Type and add Description for the extra Upsell Page. 

Watch the video for more detail: 

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